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Training and Experience 

My Qualifications 

  • I received my AACC from the world's leading ADHD coach training center, ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA)

  • Fundamentals of ADHD Coaching for Families Course  Training with Caroline Maguire/ADDCA

    • Many coaches focus on working with children with ADHD.  I trained to enhance my work with adult clients who are raising children.

This is what I do

I am in constant collaboration with other ADHD coaches. And as the best coaches have their own coach and mentor coach, I always receive feedback from the best mentor coaches in the field.

I know first hand what works for one person may not work for the other. Therefore, I continually experiment with different methods and approaches to coaching.

​As an ADHD coach, my organizing training gives me the knowledge to show up for my clients struggling with disorganization and clutter. 

Before immersing myself in ADHD coaching, I was an active stay-at-home mom, involved with my child's classroom, and volunteered with the O.C Jr. Roller Girls roller derby team in Orange County, California. My family has always been very active in fostering for various pet rescues; I'm a sometime passionate political fundraiser and volunteer and enjoyed volunteering at my local botanical garden.  

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