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Training and Experience 

My Qualifications 

  • I received my AACC from the world's leading ADHD coach training center, ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA)

This is what I do

I am in constant collaboration with other ADHD coaches. And as the best coaches have their own coach and mentor coach, I always receive feedback from the best mentor coaches in the field.

I know first hand what works for one person may not work for the other. Therefore, I continually experiment with different methods and approaches to coaching.

​As an ADHD coach, my organizing training gives me the knowledge to show up for my clients struggling with disorganization and clutter. 

When I was diagnosed, I began a lifelong pursuit of researching how to best manage "adulting with ADHD." Audiobooks, conferences, and courses eventually led me to where I am now. (If you ever want a book recommendation, ask!) 

Before immersing myself in ADHD coaching, I was an active stay-at-home mom, involved with my child's classroom, and volunteered with O.C Jr. Roller Girls and various pet rescues; I'm sometimes a passionate political fundraiser and volunteer and enjoyed volunteering at my local botanical garden.  


Top skills and thrills

  • Throwing dashing parties

  • Managing invasive vines in our wooden area on our home property

  • I can make a fantastic kale salad with whatever is in the kitchen

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