ADHD/Executive Functioning Coaching for Adults

"What makes this important to you?"

ADHD Coaching is More Than Tips and Tricks

For us with ADHD, it's not enough for us to know that we should do something. To succeed, keep engaged, participate, and enjoy our daily lives, we need a genuine interest in whatever we're doing, whether that be an office project, daily chores, or a conversation. Therefore, I ask you, "what makes this important to you?"


We Are Interested-Based Learners and Doers.

Let's find ways to keep life interesting while not upsetting our loved ones or bosses. Create a rhythm for daily tasks. Start that new project with excitement and finish it. Have engaging conversations with the people who matter most. Get organized in a way that works best for you.

Make life interesting!

ADHD brings a lot with it.

Time management

Sleep issues

Being Easily Distracted

Hyperfocusing (on the wrong thing)


Impulse Spending

Impulsive Behaviors

Emotional Regulation

Home Management

Working from Home  


These are all prevalent topics in a coaching session. But, as ADHD affects every aspect of our lives, there really are not any off-limit topics.

What are you willing to try?

What are you willing to let go of?

I encourage you to dig deep into what makes something worthy of your effort. Dig deep into what you really want and use that knowledge as motivation to develop healthy routines and perhaps drop a few unhealthy habits, too. ADHD coaching can't cure you of ADHD. However, ADHD coaching can help you slow down or speed up, find clarity, and make a few or several action plans toward a less anxious, less cluttered mind and environment.

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"You won't find a more awesome human than Jenny. She is kind and incredibly patient while also being extremely competent and knowledgeable. She doesn't cut corners or use cheap tips and tricks."

~ Client