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ADHD Coaching for Adults

I offer one-on-one ADHD coaching for adults.

ADHD Coaching is More Than Tips and Tricks

In ADHD coaching, you may:

  • Take control of how  ADHD affects you on a day-to-day basis

  • Find the confidence to show up as your authentic self

  • Develop your own ways of doing mundane tasks, making them less mundane (maybe even a bit fun)

  • Learn to pause before reacting impulsively 

  • Create methods to keep you on time and less  anxious and rushed

  • Discover activities to replace bad habits (grab your dopamine in healthier ways) 

  • Be inspired to start the projects you keep putting off and finish the other projects you can't seem to wrap up

  • And so much more

Jenny Sobaski

Schedule an introductory session and learn more about available ADHD coaching packages.

Who I Coach?

Many people I meet as an  ADHD coach feel disorganized and have a constant sense of being rushed. Procrastination, affecting both one's home and professional life, is regularly discussed in coaching sessions. So is being so overwhelmed that they don't know where to start. 

Clients also bring up more profound and private issues in coaching sessions, as ADHD impacts all aspects of our lives. 

What makes this important to you?

(I love this question.)

What makes this topic, task, issue, or goal important to you? Your answer is the key to living your life your way.

My Training and Experience 

ADHD is real.
It's not a joke.
And it's so much

more than "squirrel."

"You won't find a more awesome human than Jenny. She is kind and incredibly patient while also being extremely competent and knowledgeable. She doesn't cut corners or use cheap tips and tricks."

~ Client

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