ADHD/Executive Functioning Coaching for Adults

ADHD Coaching is so much more than tips and tricks

Jenny Sobaski, Juniper ADHD Coaching

"You're not broke. you don't need fixing"

If you're an adult struggling with ADHD, I can help. I work with each client based on their unique wants and challenges, using proven strength-based techniques. I know we all can live authentically and peacefully.

If I am not the right coach for you, I will make a recommendation from my network of certified and highly trained ADHD coaches.


Twelve-week Package


For details, schedule a free introductory session

Jenny coaching

How do you make folding laundry and car maintenance interesting?

How do you pay attention when something is painfully boring?

Together, we will find ways to keep you invested, efficient, and appreciating day-to-day life.

You may discover a renewed passion for that daunting task, OR realize it is not worth the effort and let it go.

Coaching Services

Introductory Session - Coaching engagements begin with a free 20-minute chat where I will happily answer any questions and further explain the coaching process. 

One-To-One Coaching Sessions - After the introductory session, regular coaching sessions are held over Zoom or phone. If you're in my local area, sessions may be in person in Birmingham, AL.


Check-ins - These are short mid-week or end-of-the-week sessions. It's a time to provide updates and brag on your progress.

At-Home Exercises - are also available, with no pressure. Some of the many exercise topics include time management, goal setting, and organization; along with a detailed personal operations manual


Schedule a free 20-minute introductory session


"As a fellow ADHD coach, I know that the best coaches always have their own coaches. Jenny has been my personal ADHD coach for over a year now. There are several different types of coaches, kids coaches, professional coaches, and coaches like Jenny who support clients when they feel overwhelmed and full of self doubt. If there is anyone who understands what it’s like to have ADHD, it is Jenny. She creates a comfortable space where hard decisions become less overwhelming. Jenny has been there as I clarified what I want. I have set realistic goals for myself and achieved them, in the safety of her coaching conversation.
I’d give six stars if I could. Thanks Jenny!"