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About Me

I know a bit about turning chaos into beauty. 

I'm Jenny Sobaski
I'm an ADHD coach
(I sooo absolutely have ADHD)

Juniper ADHD Coaching.jpg


Some people now consider ADHD a  gift and not a disorder; I don't know if I can embrace this neurological difference as a gift. What I do know is that my brain is wired for interest. I need a genuine understanding of 'what makes this important to me'  to accomplish my daily tasks and my big life goals. 

Today, I'm grateful for my little yet large life. It's full of small adventures and beautiful moments. I'm constantly discovering new ways to keep life exciting and safe with minimal drama. I still have ADHD but I've made peace with my creative, non-stop brain.


More About Me

Sleep, medication, and nature keep me balanced.  

I'm a partner to my husband. I'm "mom" to my child, Maddi, who is now a young adult. At home, our two dogs and too many cats routinely challenge boundaries. Getting dirty working in our yard and garden is my favorite form of exercise.


I appreciate fine wine, vulgar memes, fountain pens, eco-conscious traveling, and vegetarian options.

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