About Me

Jenny Sobaski


A few of my best life hacks:

Sleep, medication, sparkling water, and my noise-canceling headphones...

Podcasts, music, working in our yard, dimmer switches on lights, and spending more time away from my computer than I spend on it keeps me out of trouble and healthy.

I have multiple fun projects that are just that, fun. They are mostly outside. There are no deadlines and they are great outlets that let me be creative and burn off big emotions. 


It's important that I make time for my friends and family, too! 

Keeping organized: I thrive in a clutter-free environment. However, I'm gentle with myself when things get out of control, and I simply start again. I ask for help, too!

I'm Jenny Sobaski, and I currently live in Birmingham, Alabama with my husband and our two dogs, and our too-many-cats. Often a cat or dog will make a cameo appearance while I'm on Zoom, coaching. My young adult daughter lives in our carriage house, making it an ideal situation for us all.

Jenny Sobaski ADHD Coach

My Qualifications


  • Advanced ADHD Coach Training at ADDCA

  • Family ADHD Coach Training at ADDCA

I know a lot about my personal style of ADHD, and I've made peace with how it shows up. I know first handily that boredom is incredibly dangerous for someone like me, and I understand how very paradoxical life is when you have ADHD.

I have curated many personal life hacks made for me by me. I know I can do amazing things, I just may do them a bit differently than expected; I want my clients to accept themselves as they are, too.

Fountain Pens ADHD


Recently I have discovered fountain pens. I will show up to coaching sessions with ink smudges on my hands and face more often than not, and I'm so ok with that. 

Juniper Berry

I'm dedicating my ADHD coaching practice to friends who went undiagnosed as kids and didn't get the support they should have received. And whether by self-medicating or participating in deadly adventures, lived fast for a short time. 

ADHD is real.

It's not a joke, and it is so much more than "squirrel." 

I promise to do good. 

Juniper Berry