About Me

I'm Jenny Sobaski, I'm an ADHD coach, and I absolutely have ADHD.

As an ADHD Coach:
Receiving my diagnosis over a decade ago changed my life. I started a hyper-focus deep dive into self-betterment. I dug deep into books, podcasts, webinars, conferences, and more, and I haven't stopped. Living with ADHD as an adult has been my main hobby, my "best subject," and my passion for a long time. I completed ADHD coach training at ADD Coach Academy.

I'm a member of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) and the National Association of Productivity and Organizing (NAPO), where I continually learn how best to support the neurodiverse adults I work with in organizing and maintaining their homes and offices. 

People with ADHD often like to color outside of the lines. If it's not exciting or super important, we struggle to focus. That may be why tips and tricks don't work.
Through a lot of trial and error, I have been able to curate many personalized life hacks for myself. And as no two people with ADHD show up the same, I want you to discover your unique life hacks and systems.

I Still Have ADHD:
I know a lot about my ADHD; I have made peace with it, and we are no longer enemies. Life is often paradoxical for people with non-neurotypical brains, and I'm no different.  I'm well aware of the dangers and risks of boredom and, on the opposite side, the challenges of becoming overwhelmed. Therefore, maintaining balance and allowing flexibility is paramount to living my life with this creative, wild, non-stop head of mine. 

More About Me:

Sleep, medication, meditation, nature, and quality time with my family and friends keep me centered. 

Noise-canceling headphones, sparkling water, lamps with dimmers, (good) music, and audiobooks are "simple pleasures" that make a world of difference to me.  

I'm a partner to my husband. I'm a mom to my daughter, who is now a young adult. We have two dogs and too many cats. Working outside in our large yard is my favorite form of exercise. I appreciate fine wine, vulgar memes, eco-conscious vacations, and vegetarian options.

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I'm dedicating my ADHD coaching practice to my childhood friends who, like me, had ADHD but went undiagnosed.

They were the kids labeled as troublemakers, lazy and unmotivated.

Whether by self-medicating or seeking out excitement in dangerous ways, they made poor choices and ended up in the prison system where they now remain or, worse yet, they lived fast for a short time.

I haven't forgotten about you; you inspire me to advocate and educate.

I promise to do good. 

  • Advanced ADHD Coach Training at ADDCA

  • Family ADHD Coach Training with Caroline Maguire, at ADDCA

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