About Me

I'm Jenny Sobaski, I'm an ADHD coach, and I absolutely have ADHD

I know a lot about my ADHD (we are no longer enemies). I've curated many personal life hacks made for me and by me. 


I know firsthand that boredom can be dangerous for someone like me, and I understand how paradoxical life often is: 

I tend to be highly disorganized

but need a very organized environment

to thrive. 

Seven hours of sleep nightly keeps me rational,

but I (still) despise getting ready for bed and saying goodnight to my day.

Jenny Sobaski

I'm dedicating my ADHD coaching practice to my childhood friends who, like me, went undiagnosed.  They were the kids who were labeled trouble makers, unmotivated, or lazy, and whether by self-medicating or seeking out dangerous ways to keep life exciting, they lived fast for a short time. 

I promise to do good. 

My Qualifications


  • Advanced ADHD Coach Training at ADDCA

  • Family ADHD Coach Training with Caroline Maguire, at ADDCA

More to come! 

"As a fellow ADHD coach, I know that the best coaches always have their own coaches. Jenny has been my personal ADHD coach for over a year now. There are several different types of coaches, kids coaches, professional coaches, and coaches like Jenny who support clients when they feel overwhelmed and full of self doubt. If there is anyone who understands what it’s like to have ADHD, it is Jenny. She creates a comfortable space where hard decisions become less overwhelming. Jenny has been there as I clarified what I want. I have set realistic goals for myself and achieved them, in the safety of her coaching conversation.
I’d give six stars if I could. Thanks Jenny!"