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Juniper ADHD Coaching

For the slightly (to extremely) overwhelmed someone

ADHD Coaching For Adults

I help adults with ADHD get out of their head and out of their own way 

Develop personalized strategies made for you by you

  • Take control of how  ADHD affects you on a day-to-day basis

  • Develop creative ways of doing mundane tasks, making them less mundane (and maybe even a bit fun)

  •  Acknowledged time blindness and develop time management systems that prevent you from being late for your important events

  • Organized your home, office, and even your head in ways that best work for you

  • Replace your bad habits with healthy activities (find your dopamine in healthier ways) 

  • Find the inspiration to start the projects you keep putting off and finish the other tasks you can't seem to finish

  • Learn to pause before reacting impulsively 

  • And so much more

We are interest-based learners and doers.

For us with ADHD, it's not enough to know that we should do something. To succeed, stay engaged, participate, and enjoy our daily lives, we need a genuine interest in what we focus on, whether an office project, daily chores, or a conversation...

"Jenny has helped me realize that I can do hard things (and simple ones)!  I have the tools to accomplish what I need to do.  Jenny has helped me discover how to use them."


"After 12 weeks, I have a much better handle on how to keep myself motivated and on task, schedule my day with breaks while still being productive, and I understand myself and my ADHD at a deeper level than I thought possible."

Serena B.

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