ADHD Coaching For Adults 


ADHD coaching
for the Slightly (to Extremely) 
Overwhelmed Someone.

 Discover a new hobby,  find the time for a new hobby

learn how to crochet

 Find safer, healthier  ways to releive boredom

Own your Hyperfocus enjoy it without guilt  or shame 

Set up systems for your day and your  closet 

Be confident in social settings, or stay home , it's really up to you

Make simple, easy changes  for a less stressed life

Stop arriving late and flustered for your  important moments

rekindle a love for your home

Clear the clutter in your kitchen, car, and head

Keep on top of home maintenance and  projects

drop the small but bad habits that add up to equal a lot

Stop scrolling...yes, just stop scrolling; 

make peace with the people you love

(or make a plan to walk away)

Be healthier

Exercise, drink more water, catch up on sleep 

(if you want)

find a balance:

Work hard but not too hard. 

You're doing better than you think, I promise.