ADHD coaching for the Slightly (to Extremely) Overwhelmed adult

ADHD affects all aspects of our lives.

"After 12 weeks, I have a much better handle on how to keep myself motivated and on task, schedule my day with breaks while still being productive, and I understand myself and my ADHD at a deeper level than I thought possible."

Serena B.

Do you really want to be doing that?

Could you use more balance in your life?


Would you like to be less reactive? Sometimes do you regret your impulsive words minutes after you say them?


Bored, even though you're busy in your day-to-day life? 


Do you question why certain "simple" things are so hard for you?

These huge, itchy thoughts, on top of well-known characteristics like running late, clutter, and "squirrel" can add up to be a lot. 


Make peace with your ADHD. Curate personalized life hacks designed for you, by you.

Create a more ADHD-friendly world for yourself.